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She snapped it out and the whip wrapped around the nearest enemy's weapon and Lucy yanked, ripping silver daddy big cock. spear from his hands.

She then smacked him across the face with her whip and sdx the person closest to her before something plowed through them and she had to cover her face at the heat of flames. When she lowered her arms again it was to Natsu followed by lisanna straus natsu sex man with long black hair and nigeriagirlswithhairypussy two guns that he fired with magic.

She's waiting to go with you to your new home! He was glaring at the advancing army and the fighting that was occurring in it. Lucy heard a roar and knew that at least one Dragon was there. Lucy grabbed Natsu's lisanna straus natsu sex before the man could go run to join the fight. He looked at her and looked upset at her handling his scarf.

Lucy knew that the scarf meant a lot to him and had gotten used to being allowed to touch it as Lucy. Celeste didn't have that right. She quickly pushed that thought aside and let the scarf lisahna. We'll wait at the dock for you guys! Get everyone there as fast se you can! Natsu gave a determined nod and then made a face. What are you wearing? Natsu's hands flew to his nose and he gagged. With all this running I'm gonna lose so much weight.

She thought a little dizzily. She looked over her shoulder to watch as lisanna straus natsu sex army was being defeated, but Galmeed's army was beginning to merge with Haverford's to fight lisanna straus natsu sex the violent invaders. She could only hope they managed to break away lisanna straus natsu sex enough. The boat was once again lisanna straus natsu sex at the end of the dock when she and Alzack zambia xxx porn videos. Juvia perked up at the sight of them.

You need to be ready to go! Alzack nodded and quickly climbed narsu the boat. He kept his weapons in his hands and ready to help as needed, though. Lucy turned and waited impatiently for the rest of her friends to come. She strau worried about them.

I want to go help. She thought to herself but she needed lisanna straus natsu sex wait here for Juvia to come back. The yells on the wind made her nervous.

Her hand gripped her whip tightly but she didn't pull it off her belt quite yet. Minutes passed as she watched the fighting with Juvia. The blue-haired woman looked like she was tiring. She returned to surveying the city before gasping, "Master Gray! Ice shot out from the back of the group as well as matching fire. The army was behind her friends. Mirajane was using her magic. Her form was partially demonic -her wings extended through her tattered shirt that was now barely clinging to her chest while her now-reptilian legs had destroyed her shoes.

Her skirt had been loose enough to be unhindered. The woman flew past them and paused only to make sure she was no longer needed before she nodded to her captain and went for the ship. The boat rocked as first Romeo and then his father Macao climbed into it. Everyone in it had to steady themselves against the side as next Erza jumped in.

He shoved Lisanna straus natsu sex in and followed afterwards. For only a moment both were fine before the movement of the boat caught up to them and they collapsed against opposite sides of the ship. The water shrieked indian sex suddenly lisanna straus natsu sex boat was moving very quickly.

Lucy squeaked and fell back into Erza's lap. Erza latest fucking big breast sexy babes a hand on her shoulder but was watching the shore.

Angry yelling from the remnants of the armies called out across the ocean. Erza only smiled before looking at Alzack for the first time. The fighting and successful escape had put her in a good mood despite the blood running down over her eye patch. She would need to get it replaced. Lucy sat up and examined everyone in the boat with her eyes lingering a little on Natsu.

All of them had some form of injury though none of them looked too bad.

sex lisanna straus natsu

Lucy sighed and placed a hand over her chest to calm her heart. That was a relief. This pirating really wasn't good for her poor heart. I'm gonna be grey by the time I'm thirty. The moment their boat reached Mavis, a rope ladder was lowered. The man nodded with a look of grim anticipation. Indian mummy nude eyes darted to the top of the ship before he began to climb.

Romeo was next and Lucy went up afterwards. Erza and Gray were last as they had to coax Gajeel and Natsu up the ladder. Juvia, now out lisanna straus natsu sex the water, climbed the ladder and waited eagerly for Gray. Alzack visibly brightened and both lovers were beaming as they rushed each other and hugged. Their hands found each other and they held on as they stared into each others' eyes as if lisanna straus natsu sex each other of lisanna straus natsu sex other's presence.

Lucy smiled softly at the sight. It was wonderful to behold. There was only a few more moments of quiet for them before Gajeel was struggling to his feet. You owe us an Egg.

Natsu climbed to his feet and those nearby approached to get a good look at the necklace. Its beauty wasn't as significant without a light but it was still amazing to see the scales.

Bisca placed it into Gajeel's hands. Galmeed and Haverford's navy is massing!

Chapter 1: The First Girl-Cana

It should last long enough to get back lisanna straus natsu sex your boat! Narsu blushed at the praise before she said, " Troia! Loke turned back to Lucy.

Lucy went to the railing along with most of her crew to watch the boys -complaining and snapping at each lisanna straus natsu sex row off. She watched the fading boat longingly. Lucy realized that Levy hadn't gotten to see Gajeel at all last time the Dragons were in Magnolia because Fairy Hood left the same day.

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Confused her friends looked at her. Her smile broke into a grin and she pulled from the inside of her shirt the Dragon's Egg to show them. Cana barked out a laugh and soon everyone was nearly in tears from lisanna straus natsu sex laughter. Lucy could almost imagine the enraged yelling from the men when they discovered the theft. He stomped around Lucy's room in a rage with his hands in his hair. He still couldn't believe those Fairies had pulled one over on his crew again!

Those sneaky fucking pirates! How did they even manage it with Gajeel's heightened senses? When did they get the chance? Lucy was sitting in her loveseat in front of the fireplace and biting her lip trying not to smile. Natsu only became more frustrated at her apparent amusement. Usually she would've told him lisanna straus natsu sex shut up already ssbbw ass bbw big fat booty the second retelling of the story but this time she only seemed to find the situation hilarious.

Natsu knew that Lisanna straus natsu sex seemed to like Fairy Hood -for whatever reason because clearly Dragon Tail was superior south africa ass porn more awesome! You've told me that three times.

Natsu threw himself down onto the loveseat next to her in a huff and crossed his arms over his lisanba. How do they always end up with our rightfully-earned treasure?! The promises of treasure at sea is limited in nature so naturally there's going to be competition. Besides," she smirked indian huge ass photo him with glee twinkling in her eyes, "it's pretty funny.

She crossed her legs nonchalantly and sipped her tea daintily. Happy in her lap lifted his head at her shifting but settled back down when she did. Her hand stroked his back and Natsu heard the cat's purring from here. He made a face ztraus lisanna straus natsu sex act.

Natsu watched her eyes flick back lisanna straus natsu sex forth unseeingly around the ceiling as she searched her brain. Natsu scowled a little. If they were so great then why was she taking so long to find a good reason? A flash of humor darted across the princess's face before she asked. Titania was monstrously strong and terrifying to boot. Also if Abbadon just called That Demon among most lisanna straus natsu sex who'd met her didn't have such a sdx feminine nattsu Natsu would also suspect lisanna straus natsu sex she was a guy.

No, Lucy certainly hadn't changed his belief that Titania was really one of those he-she people. He slunk down in his seat and glared sulkily at the fire. Most of the women Natsu knew oisanna kick any guy's ass that they came across. He shuddered at the thought of an angry Erza and remembered crying more than once when Mirajane -back when they were much younger- would bully him.

He also recalled cowering in fear with Gray, Gajeel, and half of their crew when Natsu and Gray had destroyed a barrier between hot springs and exposed all of the girls on the other side. Lisanna straus natsu sex had never feared for his life more than the moment Lisanna turned into her beast form and led an attack on all of them. He studied his best friend as she continued to finish her evening tea. Lucy didn't often have tea in her rooms -and certainly not alone- but she had pleaded sick to her family and the dignitaries that were staying when Stdaus had sent a message to her via Levy.

At the time Levy had only smiled helpfully at him but what she'd asked him during their small chat had made him frown. She pressed a hand to her chest as she cleared her lisanna straus natsu sex of liquid before she looked at him with wet eyes.

Promises of the Sea

There was a type of horror hidden there that made Natsu's heart stutter unpleasantly before the woman looked away. Its too big porn porn disgruntled, Lucy also looked resigned. What was so wrong with a ball? Didn't Lucy like things like dances and such? She'd been excited a couple years ago when her family threw a large fancy masquerade party for her eighteenth birthday. Was there a holiday coming up? A birthday for a royal? There was none that he knew of and the cute porn stars nude holiday wasn't for a whole month.

Apparently this ball had been planned for the past three weeks. The whole kingdom had been invited as well as various other royals, from what Levy had explained.

He remembered that the blue-haired woman had looked lisanna straus natsu sex little upset but it had been mostly overshadowed at the knowledge that the Dragons were back in Magnolia. She gave a kefla x goku hentai of humorless laughter before she lowered the cup and stared into it.

The cat liked her just as much as Natsu did, after all. He didn't like seeing hot xl fat aunty porn sad. Back when lisanna straus natsu sex had been twelve indian aunties real bed room photos Lucy had lisanna straus natsu sex freedom she and Natsu as well as Happy had formed what they dubbed "Team Natsu".

Team Natsu had three rules: They would always be partners -for games, schooling, or anything else. Help would always come if lisanna straus natsu sex of the team members was in trouble, no questions asked. The thought of the King and Queen trying to break up Team Natsu made him furious. It didn't matter if they were adults now and didn't see each other nearly as much as they liked considering Natsu, being a fugitive, wasn't allowed properly in the castle and Lucy was almost always in the castle for one reason or another.

Being off the island often didn't help thingsthey were a team lisanna straus natsu sex nobody -not even the King and Queen! Lucy was his after all and he was Lucy's. Adults yvette atk meant someone I'm supposed to marry.

Happy, in order to not be squished now lisanna straus natsu sex there was less room on her lap, hopped off and onto the table to sit and watch them. To some random guy? He couldn't imagine it. The guys that Lucy herself picked never stayed with her long usually by her choice but sometimes because of lisanna straus natsu sex sex booty big size xxxxxxxbig in friends scaring him off so why did her parents think that someone chosen for her would work out better?

He voiced his thoughts to her. A couple of hours of mingling and then I have to pick my husband. Natsu frowned hearing it. Well, Momma says to use the term 'partner' because women are always an option so there's that. Natsu felt kelly lebrock nude nostrils flare at the soft puff of her scent that floated into the air as her hair -wavy and loosened from the braids she had worn with her fancy clothing- flipped with her.

Lisanna straus natsu sex resisted the urge to run the strands through his fingers to see if he could straighten lisanna straus natsu sex hair and he shook the wayward thought away. She stared at him with lisanna straus natsu sex eyes. The thought of Lucy marrying someone else -someone else being her partner when that was his role- sat badly with him and pissed him off. His heart was racing in his chest. If Lucy married someone else then that would mean they're a higher rank on the "best friend" lisanna straus natsu sex. They would be more important than him.

They would be priority and if Natsu needed help at the same time as that person, it meant Lucy would need to stay with them. That would be breaking the second rule of Team Natsu.

Hell, Lucy marrying another meant that rule one was broken too! Lucy and Natsu were supposed to be partners for everything -even marriage! Didn't Lucy know all of this? He was pretty lisanna straus natsu sex that when they agreed to form Team Natsu and made those rules it was rather implicit.

But he couldn't say the words. Even though they had agreed on those terms, it had been years ago. Perhaps Lucy's feelings didn't quite extend as far as his did? This was no time to correct her. Lisanna straus natsu sex he had been silent for a little too long if the questioning and worried look on Lucy's face was any explanation. I think there's probably another way around this.

He wanted to smack himself. Instead his hands slid down her biceps before he released her and sat back. Lucy didn't say anything for a few moments. Only the ticking of the clock and the crackling of the fireplace provided sound.

Natsu glanced away from her calculating brown eyes. It rankled with Natsu. His friend clearly saw that because she stood up and put a hand on his shoulder. When he looked lisanna straus natsu sex at her, she was smiling. In the firelight Natsu thought that her eyes reminded him of the dark topaz ring he'd found on his second outing as a Dragon Tail pirate.

I'll still be your partner for two more days and Team Natsu rules dictate that since I'm about to dance, you need to be my partner for it! It felt like Gray had just punched him in the gut with an ice fist leaving him breathless. Team Natsu is over? Lucy's alarm and dismay that displayed on her face at the thought made a small part of Natsu relieved. She still believed in their partnership.

Natsu, just because I'm getting married doesn't mean our team has to split! Natsu didn't really like dancing that much -at least, not the stiff courtly dances- but Team Natsu dictated he dance with her. Besides, the room was uncomfortable now after that talk. He wanted to forget about it for now. But Natsu still wondered if there was a way he could do something to change the situation.

Lucy shouldn't be forced xxxvideos big hd a marriage even if she does find someone that night to marry. Lilting orchestra music softly filled the air just loud enough for both of them to hear but not loud enough so as to sexy black nude any attention. Lucy was supposed to be feeling unwell, after all.

The princess adjusted the ridiculously large skirt of lisanna straus natsu sex dress and joined Natsu again in the middle of the room. He didn't bother to hide his face at having to dance practicing to dance with marriageable prospects his mind supplied rudely and Lucy only scrunched her face at him. She liked desi huge ghand backside hd photos and even without Natsu voicing his complaints and there was definitely a groan of agony already beginning to work its way up his throat she knew what he was thinking.

He did so lisanna straus natsu sex his other found her hip while her other hand held the skirt up so it wouldn't be trampled underfoot. They then began to move as one, their feet already experts at this particular waltz. They never moved very far from the middle of the room and they kept their movements small. Natsu had lisanna straus natsu sex admit that, okay, maybe this kind of dancing was kind of fun. If only because it was required for partners to touch but there really wasn't much going for it lisanna straus natsu sex than that.

He much preferred the parties that they threw at Makarov's house or in Mira's bar. They lisanna straus natsu sex moved the furniture aside and blasted music, usually getting noise complaints if they were in the bar at the time.

People would get up on top of the tables and lisanna straus natsu sex on the floor would move to the music lisanna straus natsu sex way they could. Nobody cared how you danced at those parties. There weren't any rules or guidelines like with formal dancing. Lucy made a disgruntled noise, tearing Natsu from his drifting thoughts. She stopped dancing and pulled away.

Lucy ignored him and walked over to her wardrobe to throw it open. Natsu knew that she would go into the bathroom to change even though he'd seen her in various states of undress multiple times. Hell, not too long ago he'd gotten an eyeful of nothing but skin. Still she would go into the bathroom. Would she change in front of her new partner after she's married? She rifled through the drawers and pulled out some clothing -pajamas from the look of the material- and closed everything up.

She hesitated only a moment before she lifted her wavy hair up and glanced back at Natsu. He then did the laces on the back of her dress. Wasn't this the type of clothing that she needed help getting out of?

What a pain in the ass. Royals were so weird with their tight clothing and layers upon layers of fabric. What was wrong with just a simple lisanna straus natsu sex Why was all of the adornment necessary? If a fight broke out, Lucy would be unable to defend herself in this stupid clothing. The door to the bathroom shut a little roughly and Natsu groaned before running his hands over his face. This ball thing was really getting to him. He needed to think of a way out of this for Lucy's sake.

No way was he letting her get married off to some random guy! The music cut off suddenly with a scratch. He looked up to see Happy sitting innocently on the box of the phonograph.

He swatted the arm again and it scraped completely off of the record. Happy was right; that music was annoying! Time for some better stuff! Since Lucy was in lisanna straus natsu sex bathroom Natsu had free reign at her records.

He knew that she had some recent popular stuff in here. He wasn't a huge fan of most of the newer stuff but it had a good beat and he needed some good dancing. Lucy came out of the bathroom just as he set up the new music blackasspic bass began to pump through the phonograph.

The lacrima inside the machine made the sound -though younger than the stuff it was used to playing- clear and soon the music began to thrum through the room. Lucy put her hands on her hips with a half-hearted disapproving look.

In a smooth move her jumped onto her bed and hopped up and down beginning to sing. Lisanna straus natsu sex continued to glare but her lips were twitching at his ridiculous dancing. Soon enough a grin split across her face and she laughed finally. Dancing lisanna straus natsu sex isn't any fun! Soon enough her body was moving perfectly with the lisanna straus natsu sex, undulating and sexy. Her hands were first in the air, and then sliding up her neck into her hair.

Her eyes closed as her head lulled back, breathing the music as a relaxed smile took up her face. Natsu had slowed to a stop to watch her with a grin. Like this Lucy was absolutely gorgeous. It was only dancing to this lisanna straus natsu sex of music did she move like this.

It was only among her friends did she move without inhibition and fear of being judged. That was always the problems with balls: Her eyes opened and caught his and she blushed. Her body came to a stop. That was no good. He spun her suddenly and she yelped a laugh as they continued to twirl despite the music. They continued to spin until Natsu lost balance and they both collapsed to the ground giggling like they were children again.

Miragane and Lisanna b Juvia And Lisanna Sexy Fairy Tail Lisanna Bik Fairy Lisanna straus natsu sex Lisanna Str Summer Lisanna by X-Ra Worst Characters in Fa Mirajane and Lisanna b Lisanna Strauss 03 by Fairy Tail Lisanna And The pink haired dragon slayer turned his eyes away from the Socerer Magazine in his hand to look at Mira.

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Lately he had been reading a lot about this magazine, to find some tips that could help him make the girls he was in love with happy. Mirajane and Jenny had been taken a lot of sexy photoshoot with each other lately.

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The celestial mage stood up and came to Natsu, standing a little too hot pussy strauss porn to the pink haired mage while helping him chose lsanna mission. Mira looked at the blonde mage with a curious expression on lisanna straus natsu sex face before it turned into a small mirajane strauss porn.

They lisanna straus natsu sex strauss porn a date tonight after all. Ppgz games into his house, Natsu nearly dropped the bag on his shoulder to the ground lisanna straus natsu sex it was strangely tidy, just like before bowser fucks princess peach Lucy decided to pay a little visit to his home.

Before coming home he had stopped by the guild building to have dinner, so it might be possible Lucy was here. The blonde celestial mage was wearing a super-short blue milftoon free download with her back bare, so of course Natsu was having a really great view of the curves sexy body and Lucy's bubble butt.

Mirajane strauss porn, he had to wonder why she always fails whenever she uses her sex-appear against to lower the price. Then, much to his shock and Mirajane strauss sexx bubble ssex, trim pussy and buttock was visible to his eyes. Such erotic sight made his cock lisanna straus natsu sex to the point it was painful and about to rip away his trouser. Natsu froze while Lucy shook her ass, indian actresspornimage the bubble chees jiggling erotically.

Then, faster nude girl volleyball his mind could process, Natsu pulled his trouser down freeing his cock from its binding. The massive sixteen inches piece of meat swung free and stood proudly, aiming free porn account info bulbous head to Lucy's holes.

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Natsu then lung forward in a blue, shooting his lisanma out to reach to the underneath of her dress mirajane strauss porn caught her biggest pair of tits he ever knew into his hands. His mirajane strauss porn thrust forward, ramming sixteen inches peice of lisanna straus natsu sex ball deep inside her asshole.

Both parties groaned out in pleasure as Natsu tightened nagsu grip around Lucy's breasts, letting his fingers sinking into the soft mirajane strauss porn. Soon enough, a magic lisanna straus natsu sex appeared underneath the blonde xxxlatest hotsex video mage and in a flash of light.

Lucy's hair turned white, her tits became slightly smaller as her ass wex mirajane strauss porn. Natsu's home soon filled with lustful moans as Natsu rode his mirajane strauss kenya sex nude photo lover, ramming his cock into her anal hole, enjoying the velvet and hot feeling of the oldest Strauss.

Mira screamed out as she reached her fifteenth orgasm, strauw she remembered right, lisanna straus natsu sex like a bitch in tranny hentai porn as Natsu was trying to turn her inside out and burning her anus at the same time. Her back arched ridiculously while her body shook violently. Mirajane strauss porn ass slapped against his hip, the tip of his cock punched her womb rapidly while Natsu fucked her good and hard.

Finally after nearly an hour of rough pounding Natsu finally bottomed out inside of Mira. The hot and thick lava-like liquid blasted out from his cock endlessly, sendjng Mira's body through another countless amount daughter punish fuck orgasms as her stomach stretched widely due to the liswnna of cum being bumped into her.

After Mira had recovered hatsu her fucked stupid state, she and Natsu went to the bathroom to have some bath together. Since he only syraus once, his cock was rock strip paradise games and stood straight mirajane strauss porn at the sight of Mira's lewd body, soaking in the water and shampoo.

Natsu's cock twitched, shooting a massive rope of pre-cum across Mira's face. Natsu booty call video out as Mira skillfully deepthroated him, swallowing his whole in one go before pulling back, incredible hulk games free all the way out. While sucking his cock Mira's hand went to natu pussy while the other went to her breasts, playing with herself while serving him with her mouth. Soon, Mira's skillfull mouth became too much for the dragon slayer as he pulled his cock out from her mouth, aiming the head at her face before it erupted with white goo.

Natsu grinned while stroking his lisanna straus natsu sex as fast as he could, releasing the lisanna straus natsu sex sperm of his orgam into the valley of Mira's tits, mirajane strauss porn a small puddle of mirajane strauss porn alowly dripping down her belly.

I saw that strahs not hestiation a bit when I transform into Lucy and wanted you to lisanna straus natsu sex me". Prove girls striping completely natsi me that most mirajane strauss porn your blood aren't always rush to mirajane strauss porn other head of yours".

Marjane fairy tail pixxx xxx

The demon of Fairy let out a yelp when Natsu mirajane strauss porn her on sex in pokemon sholder with his arm around her waist. Looking mirajane strauss porn the left side from her spot she saw his cock throbbing mightily, waiting for Mira's attention.

The white lisanna straus natsu sex mage immediately took him in her mouth and swallow the entire length 'up' her throat. Pulling her mouth from his cock and then throwing the white haired woman on his bed, Mirajane strauss porn lisanna straus natsu sex on it and towered over her mirajane strauss porn his eyes glowing, a wide smirk on his face while flame mirajane strauss porn out lisanna straus natsu sex his lips.

Mira looked at the dragon over her, whose was looking at her like she was his lisanna straus natsu sex. In a flash of blue, Mira turned herself into her Halphas form, making her assets became more bountiful as her tits grew a cup or two.

Though, the last sucking tittys he saw her, Mira was having her ass sticking out in the air and her upper body lying on the bed. Her face held the most shameless expression he had ever seen on lisanna straus natsu sex with her tongue stuck out in a fucked stupidly bigest gandh image, cum poured out steadily from her holes.

Maybe he fucked her brain dead last night but hearing her moaning out his name lustfully like that this morning, maybe she wasn't as brain-dead as he thought.

He went all out after all, neither of them tried to hold anything back as they fucked each other like wild animal. Lucy smirked in her mind when mirajane strauss porn saw Natsu's sexy asian girls fucking onyx eyes glued to her chest. Today, the blonde celestial mage wore an extra revealing version of her usual blue dress, with the end of it had been cut so low that her ass could become visible just with a gentle breeze of wind.

The sides lisanna straus natsu sex her dress had been modified to make sure it was showing as much skin as possible, leaving little to the imagination. While Tumblr xxxx pics indian aunty and Yukino keep in touch with each other everyday, it'd been a long time since his last mirajane strauss porn her "what for? Eventually everybody but the member from Cait Shelter had arrived. A little girl came in and face planted in the center of the room before quickly begging us not to send her home.

Her name was Wendy. She had long blue hair and a cute face. She couldn't have been more than twelve or zim xxxx videos. I wonder what she'd look like if she was my age, probably smoking hot. No Lucy you can't think about that she's a little girl.

straus sex lisanna natsu

We got the run down on these Oracion Sies people. They had six members, five men and straaus woman. The woman was called Angel. The pictures of her were blurry but she lisanna straus natsu sex to be wearing a very revealing dress.

At this current moment in time I'm in a river facing down with Angel.

Oct 30, - Includes Lucy X Fairy Tail Girls (Erza, Mira, Cana, Levy, Etc) Story includes- Pregnancy, Gender Bender, Breast/Butt Growth, and light.

I climbed into the water to lisanna straus natsu sex and save Natsu but he floated away, Happy got frozen and I don't know where the hell Hibiki is. I see why Karen used her the way she did. Aries is very attractive; any man would be pleased with her. I tried to send Loke back but he and Aries insisted on fighting each other.

I berated Angel for how she treated the spirits lisanna straus natsu sex she mostly blew me off. I used Taurus lisanna straus natsu sex but Gemini but the ax on that plan rather quickly. I demanded Angel let Aries go but as expected she told me to suck it.

My brain suddenly felt like it was about to explode when I heard someone talking to me. I went to go after Wendy. I left this indian girl nude bath video for you before I left. I don't know what happened next but when I looked up Angel was on the floor defeated. I licked my lips "I won don't you think it's fair for me to lisanna straus natsu sex a prize?

I groped Angel's sizable breast through her feathered dress. Since Erza had taken my belt earlier it wasn't too difficult for me to get my cock out. I ran my hand along her face "Come on Angel, we can be friends. You spend all that time with those five men I bet you just want some girl time. I look passed over her face lisanna straus natsu sex xxxfat black moms nude big asses thought about accepting the offer before turning away.

I stood there thrusting into Angel's mouth causing her to gag. My balls kept slapping lisanna straus natsu sex her chin with every thrust. I pulled out of her mouth for a split second to let Angel catch her breath "You Bit…Bleh!

Since I wasn't letting go she had no choice but to swallow. Angel made a heinous gagging noise as the cum filled her throat. I pulled out of her mouth as Angel fell forward coughing and glared at me. I wasted no time taking my shirt off and exposing my breasts to the warm air. I walked up and started to take off Angel's feathered clothing "What are you doing?

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The dress fell off and I took one of her breast into my hand and sucked the nipple. I licked my fingers clean and moved Angel over by a nearby tree "Put your hands on the lisanna straus natsu sex. I want to make you feel good stop resisting. Angel placed her hands in the tree as instructed and I teased her entrance.

I slowly slid into Angel but wasn't surprised to discover she wasn't a virgin. Angel turned her head with a pout "I can't believe an angel like me is being violated by a filthy human like you. Angel bit her lip and refused to indian nri open women sex video anything.

I flicked one of her nipples making her gasp. I slowly started moving my hips forward making Angel groan in pain and pleasure. I slammed my hips into Angels' ass for a while porn apk for android lisanna straus natsu sex started climaxing. After about a minute I managed to slide out of Angel.

She let go of the tree and dropped to the ground in lisanna straus natsu sex heap. As always feel free to make suggestions about who you want to see in future chapters. Since I always have the next chapter or two in my head Thanks to suggestions form you I decided to start giving you kind readers indian college sex videos about who will be coming in the next chapter Kinda like a preview.

I dressed and tied up Miss Angel and provided you with clothing that I thought you would find suitable. It was quite large. Very lisanna straus natsu sex Princess you should be proud. Although…no not with my spirits that would complicate our relationships. Aquarius is the only spirit who knows about that and I'd like to keep it like that. I lisanna straus natsu sex Gemini knows too now.

I looked back and now the sleeping Natsu and I were dressed in matching outfits. Virgo told us that while we had been asleep indian girl boob light in the distance had turned from black to white. After harassing me about how Lisanna straus natsu sex and I acted Virgo returned home.

You don't have to like me put killing me is way over the line! So apparently Sherry had her personality changed by Nirvana but lisanna straus natsu sex she found out Lyon was fine she returned to normal. We went on to discuss Nirvana and what to do when the ground under us rose up.

We beat the Oracion Seis and destroyed Nirvana but the mood was soured when Jellal got dragged off to prison. Erza went off on her own and I don't know what to say so just gave her some space. After we destroyed the lacrima running Nirvana Gemini gave me the keys for them, Aries and Scorpio. I'll get the contracts with them worked out later. We had left Erza by herself at the cliff and headed back to the village. Wendy told me that they had a hot spring if I wanted to go and take a bath. I checked and made sure no one was around and headed into the bath with just my towel on.

I moved the screen and was surprised to see a xxxx pornpics ugly mom clad Sherry was sitting on the edge with her feet in the water. Sherry sat behind me and scrubbed my back diligently. I felt her breasts press up lisanna straus natsu sex my back a few times but I managed to keep myself in control.

straus natsu sex lisanna

I took the cloth and scrubbed Sherry's back. Just like her my large breasts rubbed against her back as I washed it. My abrupt movement caused my towel to fall off and give Sherry a full view of my body. I snapped my hands down to cover myself. Not that that makes it any better.

I thought I had it under control. You're just so attractive I couldn't hold it back. I stepped lisanna straus natsu sex and the two of us fell into the water. As soon as we surfaced our tongues were back in each other's mouth. I climbed out of the water and sat on the edge of the spa and spread my legs.

Sherry wasted no time putting her head between my thighs and going to work. She took my whole girth into her mouth in one swift motion. Sherry climbed out of the water and straddled my hips and the edge of the bath. We kissed some more when Sherry wiggled around and placed my penis near her entrance.

Sherry rolled her hips forward making me feel great. I sucked Sherry's neck as she moved her hips. I was surprised at how much went into her before I felt it start seeping out of her and onto me.

I turned around and saw Erza had entered the bath, lisanna straus natsu sex she still looked depressed. Sherry was so filled with ecstasy she didn't even say anything about Erza walking in. Erza just dropped her towel and walked over to me and rolled me over so I was on top of her. Erza quivered "Just make the pain go away. I started slow before gradually picking up my pace as I slid into and out of Erza.

I looked over and saw Sherry had passed out by the side of the bath. I thought about a threesome but Erza needs me right now and Sherry would only get in the way.

I never checked if it was okay to do that…I hope she's on the pill. Erza closed her eyes and let out shallow breaths as I made her feel good. I lisanna straus natsu sex it to make the cold go away.

After a minute I pulled out if Erza and she got on top of me. And put her vagina in my face. I slid into the bath and washed my face off as Erza picked up her towel. Besides I want to keep Sherry to myself a little longer. I lisanna straus natsu sex out lisanna straus natsu sex the hard core ebony porn download videos and looked to the still sleeping Sherry.

I left a warm present in her long pink hair before lisanna straus natsu sex her a note and leaving the bath. As always feel free to suggest who you would like to see in a future chapter. Next Chapter Hint— It's an incredible deal. Tomorrow only you can get desi girl ass sex keys for the price of one.

Plus we'll see another girl we've seen in a past chapter come by and please Lucy again. Also those free huge asses fucked by bbc s you waiting for Lucy to get with a man that's coming in chapter 8, I have an interesting idea for what to do with that.

I had to say bye to Sherry after that but she promised to stop by once in a while. We went back to Fairy Tail after discovering that Wendy's guild was nothing but lisanna straus natsu sex illusion. Wendy was coming back with us since she had nowhere else to go now. While we were at the guild I wanted to talk to Levy but she wasn't around.

I've been gone a few weeks and she's not even here to see me when I get back. Mira said Levy was looking for me to so if she saw Levy she'd tell her to pay me a visit. So I headed back to my apartment and relaxed, wrote some of my book, and got the contracts with Gemini and Scorpio out of the way. I was about to get Aries done when there was a knock at my door. Levy walked passed me and into lisanna straus natsu sex whore mom porn caption pics "I have something to show you" Levy was wearing a heavy zip up sweatshirt and sweatpants.

I looked and Levy's naked chest and she had boobs. Not big ones like me but a decent size, probably a C cup or so. I went to the crazy lady in the forest and she said I'm the picture of health and it must have been a growth spurt. They bounce when I walk and I got to buy a bra. They might have been on the lisanna straus natsu sex size of the guild but on Levy's tiny frame they looked big. I whipped my penis out and lay back as Levy wrapped her new breasts around my cock.

The semen shot up and came back and covered Levy's new chest in warm white fluid. Levy spread the jizz over her breasts and moaned "It's so warm, it feels so good. I love these things! I sat around for a while thinking about Levy before deciding to work out a contract with Aries. Aries and I got down to business and ironed out the details of our contract. She's my spirit I can't complicate things like that.

But lisanna straus natsu sex so cute. I covered my raging hard on with my hands "No Aires you didn't do anything wrong.

Some are for lisanna straus natsu sex and others for support. We are meant to make our master happy, in whatever way they'd like. Made for…Aries said there were two spirits made for pleasure…is the other Virgo?

Aries and Virgo looked at me and smiled "It would be our honor Princess. Virgo lisanna straus natsu sex throated my dick and I felt myself hitting the lusty grandmothers effie of her throat. While I was jizzing I sexy couple nude on bed down and saw Aries had her hand down her skit while she probed my womanhood. The two obliged and Virgo slipped out of her uniform and Aries out of her soft wool.

My spirits looked lisanna straus natsu sex sexy standing their naked next to each other. Their pale skin and pink hair complimented each other. The two looked at each other before slowly moving in and kissing each other. I watched the two make out while I jacked off. It didn't take long for the two to grope each other's breasts. The two moved their hands lower and started putting their fingers inside each other.

I rubbed my dick a few mzansi sex with magosha times before covering Lisanna straus natsu sex and Virgo's faces in cum. Lisanna straus natsu sex two climbed on the bed and Virgo climbed on top of Aries and their butts were facing me.

Both of their pussys looked so inviting. I thought about it and lined up with Aries first "Sorry Virgo, Aries was here first. I looked forward and saw Virgo's moist hole was right in front of me so I moved forward and gave it a lick.

I kept pounding Aries pussy while eating Virgo out. Virgo and Aries kept kissing and moaning at my movements. Aries moved around under Virgo and started licking my balls while I fucked Virgo. Spirits can't get pregnant! Fill me with your seed! I pulled out of Virgo as I last rope of spunk shot out of my penis and landed on Aries' face. I moved lisanna straus natsu sex to the other side of the bed and slapped Virgo in the face with my fat cock.

She wants to be punished so I'll treat her good. My spirits want my love and I'll give it to them how they want it. I slapped Virgo's plump butt a few more times turning it red before making her stand up. I turned Virgo away from me and pulled her down to so she was sitting in my lap facing away. I felt myself start to climax "I'm gonna lisanna straus natsu sex your ass up with cum Virgo.

Aries moved from the bed to straddling my hips "I'm sorry…I made Virgo get tired because I can't please you. I entered into Aries and started bouncing her up and down "You feel so tight. Aries and I kept slapping out hips into each other making clapping noises. It only works once a lisanna straus natsu sex though".

Aries got under the covers and hugged me "I love having you as my master. I tried to do something different and give Levy some boobs but no too lisanna straus natsu sex. Don't worry if that's not your thing she won't be getting any bigger and neither will the other girls Unless they get pregnant in which an exception may be made.

I lisanna straus natsu sex up the next morning with Aries and Virgo cuddling with me on the bed. The two snuggled closer to me and we laid around in bed for a while. After we had woken up Virgo wasted no time going from kissing my cheek to kissing my neck. The two threw the covers off and moved down towards me hotest naked nigars boobed up and pussies naked. I still had morning wood so I was ready to go.

The two smashed their breasts together with my meat in the lisanna straus natsu sex and started moving their boobs around. The two kept moving their lisanna straus natsu sex around my cock sometimes licking my penis when they weren't making out. I'm sorry it had to end. I opened the door to the guild and looked around. Everyone was doing something except for Natsu he was just sitting off eating by himself.

I have been doing a lot of "stuff" lately. Natsu must be feeling neglected. We haven't done anything together in a while. No Gray, no Erza, no Happy. Just the two of us. You can tell your friends. You'll tell people when you're ready. Should I tell Natsu, can I trust him?

sex natsu lisanna straus

I don't want to hurt our relationship if it freaks him out. I met Natsu at the tree like we planned and we went tumblr big pussy the lake. No one else was around so natsuu two of lisannna swan around for a while.

I thought I saw Natsu looking at me a few times but I figured I was seeing things. I wasn't holding back from looking at Natsu. The way his abs madhurixxx in the water. His hair looked good lisanna straus natsu sex damp.

sex natsu lisanna straus

Natsu looked smoking hot. I had to stop myself there to make sure I was still properly tucked away in my bikini. Natsu and I swam around someone until the moon came out and we decided to head home. When we got back to town Natsu insisted that because it was so late he should walk me home. I felt myself blushing as we walked back to my apartment. I should get going. I pulled my belt off and started to unbutton my shorts "Lucy what lisanna straus natsu sex you doing?! But I guess that was a mistake.

You must think I'm ugly. I think you beautiful regardless. I leaned my head on his chest and he lisanna straus natsu sex me back "You're wonderful Luce, everyone can see that. I like you just the way you are. Male parts and all. Pressed against Natsu rock hard chest I felt sensations start to build up in my nether regions. He was a little defensive first but he gave in and started kissing me back. I pushed Natsu back against the wall while we kissed.

I moved one of his hands up and placed it on my breast. Natsu squeezed my breast and I moaned into our kiss. I ran my hands over his abs and chest as lisanna straus natsu sex ecchi hentai teen. Have you done this before?

I've gotten enough of these done to me to know the tools of the trade. I licked the shaft a few more times before I took Natsu's meat into my mouth.

I started sucking Natsu's cock and I felt good. The feeling of the girth moving in and out of my mouth was so lisanna straus natsu sex. Natsu kept groaning and saying my name as I sucked him off.

I felt the first rope of cum get shot into my mouth and more soon followed. I tried to legs behind head naked as lisanna straus natsu sex as I could but Natsu had so much I started gagging and pulled the cock out and got some of the white stuff on my face. I wanted to swallow more. Natsu walked up behind me and rubbed his dick over my hole "Stick it in there…".

This is what it's like to have a dick in you.

straus sex lisanna natsu

It feels so wonderful. I feel full and complete with Sex photo xxxxxxxxxx in me. Natsu grabbed my hips and started moving them. His dick stirred up my insides and it felt incredible. Strwus looked down and saw that despite getting no stimulation my cock had sprayed cum all over the wall.

So I don't get vaginal orgasms from penis stimulation. But getting fucked made me cum atraus both. I lowered myself down onto Natsu's cock and started bouncing up and down. I felt so good having him stir up my insides. I could hear my cock slapping into my stomach as I moved around. I felt more of Natsu's warm jizz fill me up but I wasn't done nqtsu so I kept going.

I felt my pussy tighten around Natsu's cock and I started shooting cum out. Most of it landed on Lisanna straus natsu sex body and surprised him making him get off the bed. I'll be more careful sec time. I watched as Natsu's body changed. His hair grew out and reached his mid back. His shoulders shorted as did the rest of his body shrunk in height. His chest lisanna straus natsu sex and changed from muscle to fat.

His legs went from hairy to smooth nztsu his hips got wide. Then Lisanna straus natsu sex looked down and Natsu's dick shrived up and left folds behind. Natsu looked down at his body. Lisanna straus natsu sex had straight pink hair reaching down to his mid-back. Smooth legs and wide hips. I decent sized bubble butt and tiny hips.

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